20 Oct

Over $8,000

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Creations for Charity 2017 is off to a great start! Around half of our new donations this year have already sold in the first week bringing in over $3,500. Along with a generous $4,500 donation from Brickworld, this puts us at over $8,000 raised so far. We could use more creations in the store to keep the sales going seeing how fast several of our new items are selling. Donate a creation or buy one today!

Over $8,000

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15 Oct

Store now open for the 2017 sale!

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Our store is now open for the 2017 fundraiser! Visit our store to see what’s for sale this year and check back often as new creations will be added until November 15th. You have until then to donate a creation as well.

Creations for Charity store now open!

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01 Oct

Creations for Charity 2017 fundraiser now accepting donations

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We are now accepting donations of custom Lego creations for the 9th annual Creations for Charity fundraiser. Starting today, you can donate a creation to sell in our online store that opens from October 15th to November 30th. Sales will go toward buying Lego sets for children in need across multiple countries. Check out our donation page to see how you can take part.

This year, we are planning to expand our donation locations to areas that were affected by the recent natural disasters in North America. Your participation will help us reach our goal to donate as much Lego as we can in these areas. Take a look at last year’s donations and remember to check back again on Christmas to see this year’s donation results!

Creations for Charity 2017 now accepting donations

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14 May

Springfield Central High School library project

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During our 2016 fundraiser, we were contacted by a high-school librarian about a unique reading project and an opportunity for Creations for Charity to help out. Springfield Central High School is an urban school located in Springfield, Massachusetts where three-quarters of the students live far below the poverty level. The school’s librarian, Rebecca Rowland, came up with an idea to foster interest in reading.

She created a program where students add a Lego brick to a growing sculpture for each book they read. When we heard about the idea, we were happy to help out and donated over $500 worth of Lego bricks to the school’s library. At the end of the spring semester this year, the students have checked out 4,233 books since the project started in October. Below is an overview of the project written by a student from the school, Jaymarie B.

The Springfield Central High School library has brought in a new attraction to the library. The incentive is that for every book a student takes out, he/she gets to put a new Lego piece on the Lego structure. Once a visitor enters the library, the structure sits right in front of the circulation desk. This is a project that was brought up to represent visually, how many books are read by the students. The structure requires engineering and logic skills to keep it sturdy and standing. This helps show the STEM side of our school. Some Legos were donated by Ms. Martha DuroShea and Mrs. Katherine Carpenter, and the rest were purchased by Ms. Rebecca Rowland. Creations for Charity has donated thousands more Legos to sustain the project through the rest of the year. The project encourages kids to take out more books to sort of add to this community structure we have made. The structure should be thought of more as a community garden: everyone adds their own little touch to make this nice thing that everyone can enjoy looking at and participating in. Overall, this incentive that has been brought to the Central library has had a positive impact.

Check out the finished sculpture where each brick represents a book that a student has read. We’re impressed to see the results and to know that the bricks will be reused next year for the same cause!

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21 Apr

Battle of the Bricks live building competition happening April 21st

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Nick Della Mora (BrickinNick) is hosting a live building competition on Twitch showcasing some amazing talent from North America, and proceeds raised from the event will benefit Creations for Charity. Tune in for the event on April 21st at 9pm EST on Twitch for the show where you as the viewer will determine what the builders will create and whose creation will reign supreme!

Battle of the Bricks - Live Brickbuilding Competition

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25 Dec

Creations for Charity 2016 wrap up

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2016 marks another tremendous year for Creations for Charity as we were able to donate Lego in 9 locations over the world. With the help of the Lego fan community, we sold over 100 custom creations raised $13,877 and purchased numerous Lego sets for underprivileged children. When I see photos of the Lego donations each year knowing that many children will be happier during the holidays, I consider it one of the greatest gifts I receive. It is my motivation to organize the fundraiser year after year.

Merry Christmas from Creations for Charity!

This holiday season has been busy for many of us, and I am always grateful for everyone involved including the donors who spend time crafting unique creations for the store, the buyers who support us through their purchases and our coordinators who purchase Lego sets and donate them to the kids. When I organized the first Creations for Charity fundraiser in 2009, I was a college senior with plenty of spare time. Now my free time is scarce as I go through training as a resident physician in neurology. Between taking 28-hour calls and working through both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I relied heavily on our coordinators this year to manage as much of the fundraiser as they can, and they delivered beautiful results. I couldn’t have asked for a better present this year than seeing all the donation photos on Christmas Day.

We also reached an important milestone this year when we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization just this month (Employer ID Number 81-3162510). This means that our future purchases will be exempt from income tax in the US and our US donors will also be able to make tax-deductible contributions to our charity. With these privileges we look forward to acquiring even more Lego sets for future donations!

Over the years Creations for Charity has become the Lego fan community’s annual tradition of giving back during the holiday season. It is a tradition that is too good to stop. Going forward, I plan to continue the fundraiser and expand to new areas of distribution. We welcome suggestions for improvement and hearing from individuals interested in offering their help or expertise. Happy holidays everyone and I hope you’ll join us (again) in 2017!

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01 Dec

Creations for Charity 2016 final results

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The 2016 fundraiser is over and we have raised $13,887! A huge thanks to BrickUniverse for donating $4,000, to Brickworld for donating $2,500 and to Bricklink for matching 10% of our sales and donating $581.75. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in making a donation, purchasing from our store or helping out in various ways. Take a look at the items sold this year and come back by Christmas to check out photos of our Lego donations over the world! Happy holidays everyone!

Creations for Charity 2016 final results

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24 Nov

Over $11,000 and one week left!

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Only one week left in this year’s fundraiser! Prices have been reduced and there’s still many great creations to choose from. Check out what’s for sale today and don’t forget to tune in to the 24-hour live stream happening from 11/25-11/26!

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06 Nov

One month left!

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Thanks for everyone’s support so far in getting us to over 10K with nearly one month left! A huge thanks to BrickUniverse for their $4,000 donations and to Brickworld for the $2,500 donations this year. We could use some more MOC donations, hope to see some more creations donated in the next week!

Over $10,000

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16 Oct

Over $4,000 off the start!

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We’re off to a great start! We sold over $1,500 sold from the store in the first day on top of $2,800 from direct donations from BrickUniverse. Let’s keep going!

Over $4,000

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15 Oct

2016 sale starts now!

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Our store is now open for the 2016 fundraiser! Visit our store to see what’s for sale this year and check back often as new creations will be added until November 15th. Anyone can donate a creation to the store before November 15th. Here’s to another record-breaking year!

Creations for Charity 2016 store now open!

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