23 Dec

Creations for Charity in Saskatchewan, 2017

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Hello from Regina, the Queen City!  It is an honour to yet again be handing out LEGO sets to kids this holiday season!  Thank you to EVERYONE who built, bought or just straight-up donated to the cause!  And a big thank you to Nannan and his elves for keeping this marvelous fundraiser going through the years!  It is truly one of my favourite LEGO community traditions.


As with last year, I partnered with a local toy shop to turn our $1500 donation from C4C into $2450 worth of LEGO sets of all shapes and sizes!  Looking around our community to see who could benefit from some sets around the holidays, I was able to spread the 122 sets across three locations:

The Pediatric Ward at the Regina General Hospital cares for children from infants to 18 years of age, and each year they have a handful of patients over the holidays.  Our LUG had a member who spent much time in the Hospital himself and found LEGO a great comfort.

The Regina Open Door Society is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina.  It is committed to meeting their needs by offering programs and services that enable them to achieve their goals and participate fully in the larger community.  As newcomers have other expenses to worry about over the holidays, these sets will go a long way giving new Canadians an enjoyable first Christmas!

The North Central Family Centre offers inner-city children and youth an opportunity to participate in educational, recreational, social and cultural programs and activities.  Their vision is to provide a safe environment to build self-esteem and self-confidence in in the youth of the community.  These kids, and many more in the neighbourhood, will hopefully find inspiration in these sets over the holidays.

Thanks again to everyone for allowing the kids in our community to experience a bit of the joy of building that we all enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

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21 Dec

Australian Creations for Charity 2017

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Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Wow! What a fantastic responsibility again this year to help needy kids have a great LEGO Christmas. Many thanks to Nannan and the crew behind Creations for Charity as well as all the great AFOL’s who build, donate and purchase the creations.

Nannan got in touch with the global representatives asking if we were keen again to help out local childrens charities. I quickly jumped at the opportunity again!

Fellow SydLUG member Graham and I again put a call out to other SydLUG members to assist with cash or set donations, and were again impressed by the generosity of our members.

This year Graham ran another raffle on GoFundMe to members of OzLUG, but put up even more prizes for peoples $5 ticket investment. Needless to say with Graham’s history of having run the raffle the year before and offering more choice to the winner, the response was even stronger, raising $2800 Aus. This allowed us to purchase about 140 sets!

With the donation of $1575 Aus from Creations for Charity, and the raffle cash, Graham and I set off again to make the most of the cash. We hit up a local branch of a Australian retailer who had a 20% off sale and they were kind enough to offer a further 10% off. This allowed us to purchase even more sets, about 90 or so.

In addition to this we had another donation of 176 sets including advent calendars.

So armed with approximately 400 sets we headed to the Kidzwish storage facility a week before their major kids Christmas party. With over 4300 kids and carers attending this year, it was a great feeling thinking that so many kids had a chance to choose a LEGO set for Christmas.

Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Graham attended the party as a volunteer and enjoyed handing out the sets to many happy kids on the day. Looks like LEGO was a popular choice!

Kidzwish Party 2017

Kidzwish Party 2017

Kidzwish Party 2017

Thanks again to Creations for Charity, they have really kickstarted our local fundraising efforts for needy kids and we look forward to continue the great work again in future.


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03 Dec

$14,926 raised for Creations for Charity 2017

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This year’s Creations for Charity raised $14,926! We couldn’t have done it without the numerous donors and buyers who played a part in this year’s successful fundraiser. Take a look at the creations sold and don’t forget to check back around Christmas to see our Lego donations!

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28 Nov

2 days left in this year’s fundraiser!

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The 9th annual fundraiser approaching the end, and there’s 2 days left to buy a custom creation. So far almost $12,000 have been raised. Take a look at some of the great items still left for sale below. Check back at the end of the year to see our Lego donations around the world!

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26 Nov

4 days left in this year’s fundraiser!

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Only 4 days left in the fundraiser and all items are reduced to their lowest prices. Take a look before the store closes on December 1st!

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24 Nov

We’re live!

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The Creations for Charity 24-Hour Live Stream Presented by Beyond the Brick has begun! Tune in for 24 hours straight of LEGO talk, LEGO building, and even interviews with LEGO’s community team in Denmark. Click here to sign up to join the live stream.

For every hour that we’re live, The LEGO Group has agreed to donate $50 worth of LEGO sets. Many thanks to the generous folks over at LEGO.

BrickMania has also agreed to donate a a set for every hour that we’re on air. Cheers to Dan and the team over at BrickMania for supporting the charity again this year!

Additionally, Brick Loot has agreed to provide some neat products for every hour that we’re on the air. Shout out to the Krex family for their kindness.

We’ll also be accepting donations via Paypal throughout the live stream. If you donate, you may or may not be able to request that we do certain things during the live stream. So, put your thinking cap on and donate wisely!

Purchase a Beyond the Brick t-shirt and 100% of profits go to Creations for Charity.

Click here for more information about the 24-hour live stream. Click here to make a PayPal donation.

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21 Nov

Over $10,000

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We have raised over $10,000 and there’s not much time left in the fundraiser this year. Prices have been drastically reduced. There are still many great items left for sale!

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17 Nov

New items for sale from LEGO designers

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Check out the latest items added to the store built by LEGO Designers on the 2017 LEGO Inside Tour. Don’t forget our sale ends in two weeks!

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13 Nov

Shop at Amazon Smile and help CfC

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A few years ago Amazon launched an initiative called AmazonSmile where a percentage of your Amazon purchase is donated to a charity or your choice. Since CfC is now a registered non-profit organization, we are eligible to participate. Simply go to smile.amazon.com and search for Creations for Charity, and whenever you shop through AmazonSmile we will get 0.5% of the sales. It’s not much, but every bit helps and we still rely on your donations and purchases from our store!

Shop at Amazon Smile and help CfC

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11 Nov

4th Annual Creations for Charity 24-Hour Live Stream

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We’re very happy to announce the Creations for Charity 24-Hour Live Stream hosted by Beyond the Brick is back!

As in past years, LEGO fans from around the world are invited to watch and participate in this day-long live web broadcast. With 24 hours of nonstop LEGO action, this is surely going to be something you won’t want to miss.

From 5pm EST on Friday, November 24th to 5pm EST on Saturday, November 25th, Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon and Boone Langston will be fighting off sleep to bring you all kinds of LEGO goodness.

What exactly can you expect during the live stream?

  • The building of numerous LEGO sets.
  • Live builds with LEGO designers in Billund, Denmark.
  • The discussion of numerous LEGO-related topics with AFOLs from around the world.

…and much, much, more!

If you would like to join us on the air and participate in the live event, please fill out our brief Google form. All ages of LEGO fans from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the fun!

If you want to simply watch the live stream, you can do so by returning to the blog you’re reading now or monitoring Beyond the Brick on YouTube. We’ll post right here on creationsforcharity.org as soon as the broadcast begins.

Donations of LEGO sets or funds to purchase LEGO sets are encouraged. Once again this year, all sets/funds raised as part of the 24-hour live stream will be used to purchase LEGO sets for kids in Indiana hospitals. If you make a monetary donation, feel free to suggest fun LEGO activities for us to do on the broadcast. Click here to donate.

New this year: Purchase a Beyond the Brick T-shirt and 100% of profits will go to Creations for Charity.

Click here to watch all or part of last year’s 24-hour live stream.

We hope you join us in helping to brighten Christmas for kids in need!

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06 Nov

Over $9,000

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We have raised $9,000 so far and there’s still nearly a month left. Don’t forget to donate a creation by November 15th. Many of our donations are selling within the first few days that they are listed. Donate a creation or buy one today!

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