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Coordinator Bios

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Nannan Zhang
Founder and President
I have been a part of the online Lego community since 2004 as a builder and I am a physician in real life. My goal in starting Creations for Charity is to have Lego builders use our hobby in a unique and meaningful way to give to charity. Each year, the fundraiser has shown how much the Lego community cares about giving back and brightening the holidays of kids in need. I am grateful for everyone’s support in making this possible.

Ethan Fang
Store Manager
I have been dabbling with LEGO since I got my first set as a child. My favorite themes are castle, pirate, and Fabuland. Previously I have been the distributor for the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. I love being involved with C4C because it provides me with an unique opportunity to help kids through the hobby we all share.

Don Wilson
Michigan, USA Distribution Coordinator, Secretary
I have been collecting LEGO for nearly 30 years. As a favorite hobby, it has helped me tremendously in preparation for my career as a Scenic Designer and Technical Director for Theater. The Aspects of the design process apply to both scenic design and building with LEGO. The challenges of creating a specific desired look designed with the little plastic bricks which my mom used to scream about when she would step on one left in the carpet, is the biggest appeal to me: creating something great out of a limited supply of parts. I am entering an exciting time, a time when I am able to begin sharing these things with my two boys. Being part of the online community has connected me with too many great people to list. When Nannan and I set out to start Creations for Charity, we had no idea how much support we would get. Thanks for helping be a part of another tremendous year for kids around the country this holiday season.

Joshua Hanlon and Boone Langston
24-Hour Live Stream Coordinators
We have been big fans of Creations for Charity for many years. As avid LEGO fans, we deeply value the ability of LEGO to serve as a creative medium, enabling anyone and everyone to take ideas and concepts and turn them into physical things. We like supporting Creations for Charity because of its unique ability to harness the talents of the AFOL community for the greater good. We hope that, through leveraging Beyond the Brick, we can raise awareness of the charity and help to spread awareness of it to a larger audience. Creations for Charity is a fantastic organization, and we hope that through our 24-hour live stream, we are able to lend a helping hand to the overall cause.

Simon Liu
Ontario, Canada Distribution Coordinator
Like all the other coordinators, I have been a life long fan of LEGO, and only in the last few years have I embraced the LEGO community: posting my MOCs online, going to conventions and meeting like minded LEGO fans. But what has surprised me was the generosity of the community, from bidding hundreds of dollars on LEGO inspired quilts, to a single pink non-LEGO scooter – all to raise money for charity. I am honoured and proud to continue this tradition, along with the Toronto LEGO User Group (ToroLUG) in not just donating, buying, but for the first time, distributing the net results of this campaign in Canada! Oh yeah, SPACE is the best theme ; )

Viktória Mikó
Hungary Distribution Coordinator
Two years ago I wrote my thesis about children’s playing habits, and so many researchers regularly say that the major activity in a kid’s life is to play games with others. There is so much good energy when children play with LEGO and engineer their creations. We can see how their brain works and finally make something fantastic. LEGO is one of the most lasting, sustained, heritable and joyful products we have ever known. Lets play and make our generation happier than ever!

Josh Morris
Australia Distribution Coordinator
Hi! My name is Josh Morris (I Scream Clone) and I have been an AFOL for about 7 years. I am a member of SydLUG and I am their current Ambassador to LEGO. I love helping out the local and online community and really excited about starting the Australian Creations for Charity this year! I presently display at a lot of schools and conventions that make donations to charities, so this will be a big step up in the amount of help we can provide local underprivileged kids.

Kristi McWhorter
Colorado, USA Distribution Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator
Kristi’s Flickr

Gilcélio Chagas
Brazil Distribution Coordinator
I’m from Brazil and I am an engineer in real life. It’s a big honor to be here. I have asked myself what can I do to make other people’s lives better, so now I have one more opportunity to do that through Creations for Charity. I’m really new to this hobby, when I was a kid my father couldn’t buy Lego for us. I had my first Lego set in 2009, and from this point everything changed in my life. Lego is so amazing, we can do everything with Lego, and most importantly, make new friends around the world. And now maybe I can make that change in someone who will be receiving a set from Creations For Charity, thanks for the opportunity.

Michael Bradford
Texas, USA Distribution Coordinator
Howdy! I’m Michael Bradford, one of the co-founders and current LEGO Ambassador of DFWLUG. As a licensed professional counselor, underprivileged children have been on my heart for many years and I’m thrilled to be able to share my joy of the LEGO hobby by finding LEGO deals with funds from your contributions to this great charity and being able to distribute them to organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that serve these great children who have had various difficulties in their lives. Since starting our LUG about a year ago, we’ve done displays at a children’s hospital, for girl scouts and cub scouts, and for Dallas Cityscape – a nonprofit fundraiser for education. Seeing the excitement and joy of LEGO but also seeing their creativity is alwas inspirational! Our LUG also worked with Fairy Bricks last Christmas season and we’re excited about potential new partners this year!

Victor Fernandez
Georgia, USA Distribution Coordinator
My Wife and I have been involved with the LEGO community since 2009 and have enjoyed going to conventions all over the country to see some amazing builds. We have the distinct pleasure to run a business, EclipseGrafx, centered around our hobby. We have been avid supporters of C4C ever since we first heard of it. Helping children has been a long desire in our hearts and we are looking forward to helping out in raising as much funds as possible for this cause, and it makes us happy to know that C4C will has brought and continues to bring a smile to children’s faces.

Previous coordinators:
Carlos Aguilar, Mexico City, Mexico distribution coordinator
Adam Dodge, Saskatchewan, Canada distribution coordinator
Tracy and Chris Dale, Store managers
Andy B, California, USA distribution coordinator
Tomás López, Chile distribution coordinator
Matija Grguric, Croatia distribution coordinator
Josh Baum, Chicago, USA distribution coordinator
Enikő V, Hungary distribution coordinator
Matthew Kay, 24-hour live stream co-coordinator

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