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Coordinator Bios

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Nannan Zhang
I have been a part of the online Lego community since 2004 as a builder and I am a physician in real life. My goal in starting Creations for Charity is to have Lego builders use our hobby in a unique and meaningful way to give to charity. Each year, the fundraiser has shown how much the Lego community cares about giving back and brightening the holidays of kids in need. I am grateful for everyone’s support in making this possible.

Don Wilson
Grand Rapids Distribution Coordinator, Store Manager
I have been collecting LEGO for nearly 30 years. As a favorite hobby, it has helped me tremendously in preparation for my career as a Scenic Designer and Technical Director for Theater. The Aspects of the design process apply to both scenic design and building with LEGO. The challenges of creating a specific desired look designed with the little plastic bricks which my mom used to scream about when she would step on one left in the carpet, is the biggest appeal to me: creating something great out of a limited supply of parts. I am entering an exciting time, a time when I am able to begin sharing these things with my two boys. Being part of the online community has connected me with too many great people to list. When Nannan and I set out to start Creations for Charity, we had no idea how much support we would get. Thanks for helping be a part of another tremendous year for kids around the country this holiday season.

Simon Liu
Canada Distribution Coordinator, Treasurer
Like all the other coordinators, I have been a life long fan of LEGO, and only in the last few years have I embraced the LEGO community: posting my MOCs online, going to conventions and meeting like minded LEGO fans. But what has surprised me was the generosity of the community, from bidding hundreds of dollars on LEGO inspired quilts, to a single pink non-LEGO scooter – all to raise money for charity. I am honoured and proud to continue this tradition, along with the Toronto LEGO User Group (ToroLUG) in not just donating, buying, but for the first time, distributing the net results of this campaign in Canada! Oh yeah, SPACE is the best theme ; )

Matija Grguric
Croatia Distribution Coordinator
For five years I have been collecting and building with LEGO bricks, my favorite toy when I was a kid. I mostly make buildings, as I study architecture. I have a large collection, and run a small LEGO store in Croatia. Two years ago I started to participate in the Creations for Charity with donating some of my own work and starting this year I am one of the coordinators. I am very happy to be part of this team to help the kids in need.

Josh Baum
Chicago Distribution Coordinator
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved playing with Lego! The ability to take “plain” building blocks and make them into anything I wanted was always enthralling – one moment I was a swashbuckling pirate, and then I was in space protecting a space settlement. I recently started getting involved in Lego Minifigure customization (in which I particularly love using BrickArms). Some of my favorite figures include my most recent military figures which used items from a number of Lego accessory vendors as well as cloth and office items routinely used around the home. In real life, I perform opera for a living (I’m a lyric tenor) and just finished performing this summer in New York. I also direct opera and teach voice at a private university just outside of Chicago.

Váczy Enikő
Hungary Distribution Coordinator
I think every child deserves happy moments with playing Lego. I remember when I was a kid I loved to create something from Lego bricks and show it to others. I work for a Lego company and I really enjoy it! I’m glad to work with Creations for Charity too! This is the way how our creativity can help the children, passing Lego sets to them and improving their imaginations. As a psychology student, I always wanted to help and make children happier. In my opinion it’s one of the best pursuit of this world creating something new. Let’s give the children the chance to do that!

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