09 May

UCS Star Destroyer raffle

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Our friends at Beyond the Brick is raffling a UCS Star Destroyer with all proceeds going to our annual fundraiser. For a $5 donation, you will be entered to win this massive Lego set of one of the most iconic Star Wars ships. Learn more about the raffle on YouTube and head over to Tiltify to make a donation!

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12 Jan

2019 fundraiser wrap-up

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The 11th Creations for Charity fundraiser has concluded with $16,400 raised and many Lego sets donated to underprivileged children in eight cities across the world. What has started as a humble effort by a group of builders to donate Lego sets to kids in need has grown into an annual tradition for Lego fans all over the world to give back during the holidays through a creative outlet. With the help of our donors, buyers, and volunteers, we donated Lego to diverse locations including hospitals, orphanages, schools, and other places helping children with disabilities, from low-income families, and even refugees. You can read about each city’s donation story and see more photos in our December 2019 and January 2020 post archives.

We are in grateful for the continued donations from Brickworld and Bricklink. This year, we also received a donation of over $1,000 from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Residence Hall Association, which organized a competitive event to see which of their residence halls can raise the most money for charity. Finally, the 24-hour live stream presented by Beyond the Brick was again a highlight for many as Joshua Hanlon and Kevin Hinkle fought off sleep to entertain and build with us and help raise another $2,500. This was always a fun way for fans to build together over the web, and you can rewatch all 24 hours of the live-stream on Beyond the Brick’s YouTube channel.

Going forward, it is my goal to continue the fundraiser each year as an all-volunteer non-profit organization. While much has changed for me personally in the last decade between when I first started Creations for Charity as a college student to now working full-time and raising a family, organizing the fundraiser is still as fun and rewarding as it has been since the beginning. We are always looking for more volunteers to help us donate Lego sets in more cities especially in Asia, so send me a message via our contact form if you want to hear more. We hope to see you again in next year’s fundraiser!

Nannan Zhang
Creations for Charity Founder

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09 Jan

Creations for Charity 2019 – Dallas, TX

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Happy Holidays! Once again, thanks to your donations and support, the Dallas, TX area contribution of over $2,000 RRP of LEGO sets was given to stock Chosen Ones’ gift closet! Chosen Ones is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that helps children in foster care, children who are eligible for adoption, and families who are caring for them get support. Over 4,100 children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are in foster care after having been removed from their parents (either temporarily or permanently) by the State due to abuse or neglect. Chosen Ones provides support groups, resources, and tangible assistance through a “Just 4 U Closet” available for foster and adopt families to use as a resource anytime they need to. In addition to stocking children’s clothes of various sizes and other toys, they are now fully stocked with LEGO sets for these children who are in very emotionally (and sometimes physically) trying situations to have and enjoy, giving them something to build, feel proud of, and use their imaginations with.

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06 Jan

Atlanta, Georgia – 2019

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It was that time of year again, the time of year where people open up their hearts to give again. We look forward to this time of year because of what Creations for Charity does for needy kids across the world and because we get to play a small part in the distribution process.

We made plans last year as to which organization we would help with the toys given from Creations for charity. We looked for an organization dedicated to serving the needy.

Operation Lunchbox provides non-perishable foods for children in Georgia every week. They work with schools to provide bags of food for over 1500 children to take home on a weekly basis and they are always looking to add more kids and counties to their out reach.

We knew they had the outreach in place for the needy kids these toys needed to go to.

We were able to provide close to 100 sets for them to distribute. Thanks to Creations for Charity these kids had a little something special to open on Christmas.

We at Eclipsegrafx want to thank all the people who participated in raising money through Creations for Charity. We always want to do more but we are grateful for the small part we play in the grander scheme of this. Lets break some records next year!

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01 Jan

Grand Rapids, MI, USA – 2019

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As we move forward into a new decade, I am reminded of all the things that can change in our lives in a year. Marriages, babies, new adventures, new experiences. Birth, death, friendships, excitement, loss.

But I am also reminded of things that seem to always stay the same. Seasons, sunrises, wit, love, compassion. The greatest things in many of our lives are the constants.

One of those constants in my life is C4C. It is here annually to remind me how invaluable is is to give of ourselves, to create and support environments of hands-on learning for kids who may not get much exposure to it. It reminds me that a kid’s needs include creating, playing, and destroying. All the fancy names for what they learn along the way don’t really matter to those kids. All they know is that they are having fun.

I am also reminded this year of all the work and outreach our friends at the Billy Bear Hug Foundation do each year with their outreach to children with life threatening illnesses. I am proud of what we do at C4C, and proud of what we accomplish thru partners like BBH Foundation. This year we were able to spend $1200 USD and purchase 97 new Lego sets for this outreach.

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26 Dec

CfC 2019 donation in Brazil

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As always it’s a great honor to be part of this project. Creations for Charity can change lives forever, starting with my own. Can we imagine how many children will never play with Lego? Here in Brazil maybe 70% of them, that’s why it’s so important for me. Bringing Lego to those kids won’t change that percentage much, but for those kids who got this awesome toy it will change their life 100%. This year we visited two orphanages, the first one with 16 kids (Centro de Vivência 2) and the second with about 20 kids (Centro de Vivência 1). While in the past years we played with the kids and took some pictures, this year they changed some rules so we can’t share pictures of the children. I hope that the simple gifts brightened their holidays or maybe bring some hope for them. Thanks Nannan for the amazing opportunity, and thanks everybody that donated something for Creations for Charity. See you next year !!!

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24 Dec

24-Hour Live Stream Donations in Indiana

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This year’s Creations for Charity 24-hour Live Stream hosted by Beyond the Brick was another great success! Thanks to generous contributions from Brickmania, Brick Loot, and viewers like you, we were able to donate $3,000 worth of LEGO sets to Franciscan Health hospitals in Indiana.

The toys will go to hospitalized kids in need in Indianapolis and the Mishawaka area. Special thanks to Nannan for his work on Creations for Charity each year. If you missed any part of the 24-hour LEGO broadcast, click here to watch.

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23 Dec

Wollongong, Australia

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Once again I am blessed to help out Nannan and the amazing Creations for Charity group in spreading the joy of giving LEGO gifts to sick or underprivileged kids around the world!

I think this is at least my 4th year of organising the LEGO donation to Kidzwish, and I really look forward to continuing to spread the Christmas cheer. In addition to the funds sent from Creations for Charity, GongLUG members Graham and I again donated over $23000 Aus to Kidzwish through the running of the LEGO exhibition, Illawarra Annual Brick Spectacular.

Children with disabilities and illnesses from as far as 400km away benefit from the programs and generosity Kidzwish provide and I couldn’t be happier to continue to support them.

Merry Christmas to all and a big thanks again to Nannan and Creations for Charity!

A boot load of LEGO goodness for delivery to Kidzwish
100 sets stacked up at home

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23 Dec

Hungary 2019

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It was an honor to work together with the CfC Team donating the children in 2019. Together we have contacted three organizations to donate inside and outside the borders of Hungary.

This year we have really tried to focus on those kids who really deserve help and affection. The Eastern region of Hungary, those families and kids have really difficulties to cope with everydays living.

With the help of Creations of Charity more than 100 sets could be collected and presented as gifts to these children.

There are no words to describe the emotions which could be seen on the faces of these young fellows. Sure these memories, these feelings are a must to keep us going on.

Thanks to all builders, thanks to everybody who donated and thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make this come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hungary!

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21 Dec

Cairo, Egypt 2019

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This year we donated 140 Lego kits to refugee children from South Sudan.  We donated to a school and a women’s community center.  At the time of our donation, six women and her children were living in the community center to escape domestic violence and other social problems.  Women also gather at the community center to sew items to sell and learn new skills.  The families to which we donated are very poor as they fled wars and face discrimination in Egypt.  A typical family only makes $250 per month.  So that the children would have something to store their Legos in, this year we placed their Legos in plastic containers.  Enjoy the photos.

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08 Dec

$16,400 raised in the 2019 fundraiser

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The 2019 fundraiser is a wrap, and we have raised $16,400! Check back by Christmas to see photos and stories of our Lego donations. Take a look at all the creations that have sold. A huge thanks to all the builders, buyers, and donors who made it all possible once again!

Thank-you gifts to donors who have sold a creation in this year’s fundraiser have been shipped. Thanks again to Kevin Hinkle for the design and EclipseGrafx for the custom printing!

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