12 Jan

2019 fundraiser wrap-up

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The 11th Creations for Charity fundraiser has concluded with $16,400 raised and many Lego sets donated to underprivileged children in eight cities across the world. What has started as a humble effort by a group of builders to donate Lego sets to kids in need has grown into an annual tradition for Lego fans all over the world to give back during the holidays through a creative outlet. With the help of our donors, buyers, and volunteers, we donated Lego to diverse locations including hospitals, orphanages, schools, and other places helping children with disabilities, from low-income families, and even refugees. You can read about each city’s donation story and see more photos in our December 2019 and January 2020 post archives.

We are in grateful for the continued donations from Brickworld and Bricklink. This year, we also received a donation of over $1,000 from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Residence Hall Association, which organized a competitive event to see which of their residence halls can raise the most money for charity. Finally, the 24-hour live stream presented by Beyond the Brick was again a highlight for many as Joshua Hanlon and Kevin Hinkle fought off sleep to entertain and build with us and help raise another $2,500. This was always a fun way for fans to build together over the web, and you can rewatch all 24 hours of the live-stream on Beyond the Brick’s YouTube channel.

Going forward, it is my goal to continue the fundraiser each year as an all-volunteer non-profit organization. While much has changed for me personally in the last decade between when I first started Creations for Charity as a college student to now working full-time and raising a family, organizing the fundraiser is still as fun and rewarding as it has been since the beginning. We are always looking for more volunteers to help us donate Lego sets in more cities especially in Asia, so send me a message via our contact form if you want to hear more. We hope to see you again in next year’s fundraiser!

Nannan Zhang
Creations for Charity Founder

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08 Dec

$16,400 raised in the 2019 fundraiser

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The 2019 fundraiser is a wrap, and we have raised $16,400! Check back by Christmas to see photos and stories of our Lego donations. Take a look at all the creations that have sold. A huge thanks to all the builders, buyers, and donors who made it all possible once again!

Thank-you gifts to donors who have sold a creation in this year’s fundraiser have been shipped. Thanks again to Kevin Hinkle for the design and EclipseGrafx for the custom printing!

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28 Nov

Final sale!

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Just 2 days left in this year’s fundraiser and there’s still some great MOCs left for sale. Prices are reduced to their lowest, so don’t miss out!

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24 Nov

One week left!

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Only 1 week left in this year’s Creations for Charity fundraiser. Take a look at what’s still left for sale at reduced prices!

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10 Nov

Three weeks left in the fundraiser

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There’s 3 weeks left in this year’s Creations for Charity fundraiser and there’s still time to donate a custom creation to sell and raise money!

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02 Nov

New items for sale

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Check out what’s new for sale from the fundraiser, and don’t forget there’s two weeks left to donate a creation!

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20 Oct

Over $6,500 in the first week

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Thanks again to a generous $4,500 donation from Brickworld and coupled with having sold over $2,000 from our store, this year’s Creations for Charity is on its way to a great start. Now we just need more creations to sell! See what’s sold so far. Don’t forget you can donate a creation before November 15th.

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15 Oct

Store opens today!

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Our store opens today for the 2019 fundraiser and we have some amazing items for sale! Check back often as new creations will be added until November 15th. Don’t forget you can donate a creation by November 15th. Let’s go for another great year!

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01 Oct

Creations for Charity now accepting donations for the 2019 fundraiser!

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The 11th annual Creations for Charity fundraiser is now accepting donations of custom Lego creations for sale in our fundraiser taking place from October 15th to November 30th. The money we raise will be used to purchase and donate Lego sets to underprivileged children in several locations throughout the world. We welcome anyone to submit a creation to sell by filling out the donation form on our website. We will then list your creation in our Bricklink store and notify you when it sells so you can ship it directly to the buyer. Let’s once again build to give back for the holidays!

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07 Dec

Over $16,000 raised!

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Together we raised over $16,000 this year from Creations for Charity! A huge thanks to all the donors and buyers for this phenomenal result. Please check back by Christmas to see our donation stories and photos. In the meantime, here are all the items that were sold.

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26 Nov

5 days left!

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Just 5 days left in this year’s fundraiser and prices are reduced substantially. There’s still some great creations left!

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