21 Dec

Creations for Charity – Hungary 2018

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First I would like to say thank you to LEGO fans who donated or purchased and took part in this project. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible for us to participated for the fifth time in row!

This year again my plan was sending the LEGO sets to children who are really in need and extreme poverty. Orphanages and institutes near the border usually have less money to buy or purchase presents for the children in Christmas time so I decided to transfer the biggest part of LEGO sets there. We also gave some sets to families who lives in the poorest countryside, and maybe never would be able to give any presents to their children. All in all we donated over $1,300 worth of sets which is more than 60 LEGO sets… And the kids laughter was uncountable!
Children who are living in orphanages or children’s home usually get used toys for present. At this Christmas time, maybe at first, they spent hours playing with high quality brand new LEGO sets and their heart could fill with plenty of joy. I hope we managed to give some special experience to lot of hungarian children who may didn’t have this much happiness in their life so far.

It is a pleasure to experience how much help can we get from the community based on LEGO! A huge thank you once again to everyone who contributed to make this happen. Your donations are making a difference and will continue making a difference for years to come!

I wish amazing holidays to all of you!

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24 Dec

Creations for Charity – Hungary, 2017

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We are very happy and honoured to participate again, for the fourth time in row, in the Creations for Charity project. To share the experience of playing with LEGO and help the ones in need is very important to us and being the part of this movement enables both of these things.
This year we were able to distribute 63 LEGO sets in all, among orphan children and kids in need at the three largest regions of Hungary. Statistics show that LEGO is becoming more and more popular among the people of Hungary and with this year’s donation we feel more up-to-date than ever. It can be referenced to the notion that people of our country discovered educational possibilities in LEGO. In this way, we are very happy to involve those children in this, who otherwise could not reach the benefits and merits of LEGO and can find a grip that they can use in their future studies as well.
All in all, we would like to thank Creations for Charity for this amazing project all around the World. This opportunity is very important to us and we could not do it better without this venture. We wish amazing holidays to all the children and paricipants of Creations for Charity and hope that all of You will find many joy and happyness (with playing with LEGO) in the next year!
All the best,

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23 Dec

Creations for Charity – Hungary

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First of all I would like to thank to Nannan who helped us so much this year again, and the organization for the opportunity. As well, I would like to thank all the LEGO fans who helped us with donations. It was an honor to participate in this movement. I am from Hungary, the country in the heart of Europe, and I would like to inform you about the situation in our home. Hungary is penultimate in the international UNICEF statistics on child welfare. By the light of this fact I think it is obvious to see the happy children face when they received the LEGO presents. It is a plesaure to see that Creations For Charity is participating worldwide, and children in our country are involved too.

As you can see on the picture we could spread 90 LEGO sets all around Hungary and Transilvania. I would like to thank Szabolcs Lővei and his team who also helped a lot in gifting young children. The team traveled around the poorer regions in Hungary and the Transilvanian countryside and gave away the LEGO sets to more than 200 children. Without Creations For Charity they could not experience the freedom of playing with LEGO. I hope that the intense joy, the children felt here, was the same all around the Globe. Thank you so much again for everyone, and from the depth of my heart I hope that we could make even more children happy next year.

Happy holidays and a plenty of fantastic moment for 2017!

Leg godt!
All the best,

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