21 Dec

Cairo, Egypt 2019

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This year we donated 140 Lego kits to refugee children from South Sudan.  We donated to a school and a women’s community center.  At the time of our donation, six women and her children were living in the community center to escape domestic violence and other social problems.  Women also gather at the community center to sew items to sell and learn new skills.  The families to which we donated are very poor as they fled wars and face discrimination in Egypt.  A typical family only makes $250 per month.  So that the children would have something to store their Legos in, this year we placed their Legos in plastic containers.  Enjoy the photos.

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22 Dec

Creations for Charity – Cairo 2018

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This year we donated Lego sets to about 75 refugee children living in Cairo, Egypt.  We made the donation at the African Hope Learning Centre (AHLC), which provides a safe education for children of refugees who fled the war in South Sudan and other conflict zones in Africa. Due to overcrowding and prejudice in local schools, AHLC provides refugee children a needed alternate learning center.

Before donating individual sets to the children we played with them from tubs of Legos during their art classes. It was a very enjoyable experience to see them make their own Lego creations. Enjoy the photos.

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28 Dec

Creations for Charity – Amman & Jerash, Jordan, 2017

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After driving 15 hours from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where we live, we had a wonderful time donating Lego kits to about 20 children ages 5-10 in an orphanage in Amman, Jordan. We spent about an hour with them helping them build their kits. Here are some photos of the children enjoying their Legos:

After the children had to go, we put all of the pieces from the kits into a common Lego bin. The Orphanage will keep the Legos in their play room for the children to use many years into the future. While the children spoke only Arabic we were able to communicate with them through our limited Arabic and smiles. The children and adult leaders loved the kits and it was a very fun and rewarding experience.

We partnered with the Jordanian family of Nidal (not pictured below) and Sahar and their three children to donate the sets. Nidal works in Amman in education and connected us with the orphanage. They also delivered several Lego sets to a Palestinian refugee school in Jerash, Jordan. Unfortunately, due to timing and security concerns we were not able to join them on that donation. Here are some photos of the children in Jerash:

Thank you to everyone who made this donation possible.

Sahar and her three children at the orphanage in Amman:

Our family at the orphanage in Amman:

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