06 Jan

Atlanta, Georgia – 2019

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It was that time of year again, the time of year where people open up their hearts to give again. We look forward to this time of year because of what Creations for Charity does for needy kids across the world and because we get to play a small part in the distribution process.

We made plans last year as to which organization we would help with the toys given from Creations for charity. We looked for an organization dedicated to serving the needy.

Operation Lunchbox provides non-perishable foods for children in Georgia every week. They work with schools to provide bags of food for over 1500 children to take home on a weekly basis and they are always looking to add more kids and counties to their out reach.

We knew they had the outreach in place for the needy kids these toys needed to go to.

We were able to provide close to 100 sets for them to distribute. Thanks to Creations for Charity these kids had a little something special to open on Christmas.

We at Eclipsegrafx want to thank all the people who participated in raising money through Creations for Charity. We always want to do more but we are grateful for the small part we play in the grander scheme of this. Lets break some records next year!

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24 Dec

Creations for Charity – Georgia

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Its a privilege and an honor to help such a great cause. This was our first year buying and distributing for C4C and it touched our hearts.
We supported the cause by donating 10% of our November earnings to the cause and we thank all those who shopped at eclipsegrafx.com to help us raise more money.

When ever we do any charity work we like to involve our kids in the process so they can see for themselves that they are blessed and that they can use those blessings to help others.

For our first time around we decided to help 2 groups of children. One from the “Rainbow House” group home in Jonesboro, GA. The group home fosters children from the age of 13-17 and they had about 20 kids living there at the time. We also helped an organization, Operation LunchBox, that donates food to children in poverty and homeless children in the Henry County area of GA. They feed over 1500 kids a week and have plans on expanding.

In order to keep the children’s identities safe we wont be able to photograph them enjoying their new presents.

Walking into Operation Lunch box.
My children enjoying picking out the perfect presents for the children in need.

At the end of the night my daughter was crying because she wishes we could do more for these children. We have come up with a better plan to help even more children next year and we hope to multiply our reach.

Thank you C4C for all you do and thanks to everyone who supported the drive.

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