27 Nov

Commissioned creations

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We sold 4 commission projects donated by Tyler (Legohaulic), Don Wilson, and me. Together these creations contributed $750 to the fundraiser. Here’s how they turned out.

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23 Nov

Over $4,000 raised as of 11/23/11

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We have raised over $4,000 with one week left. Check out the store for the lowest prices on all the items. See what’s sold so far.


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20 Nov

10 days left!

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The fundraiser is ending soon, and prices on most items have been reduced to the lowest allowed by the donors. Many builders and customizers have contributed to the 100+ creations waiting to be sold, and they’re counting on the buyers to find a new home for their works. Visit the store and do some shopping to help the children!

10 days left

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17 Nov

Creations for Charity on LAML radio

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The latest episode of LAMLradio includes a segment of me talking about Creations for Charity.

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15 Nov

Donations deadline extended

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If you wish to donate a creation after November 15, we will be happy to accept it. However, please keep in mind that there may not be enough time for the creation to sell before November 30.

Meanwhile, prices on current items have been further reduced, please take a look at the store.

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12 Nov

Motorized Avatar ‘Scorpion’ Battle Helicopter for sale

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Lego Technic builder Barman76 donated a motorized ‘Scorpion’ Battle Helicopter from Avatar. This is the biggest creation donation we have received so far, and based on the quarter of a million views on YouTube, it’s pretty popular as well.

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12 Nov

Over $3,000 raised as of 11/12/11

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Creations for Charity has raised over $3,000 so far. There still a few days left before 11/15 to donate a creation. Check out the latest items added to the store! Here is a list of what’s sold so far.


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06 Nov

No longer accepting donations via PayPal

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It turns out that in order for Creations for Charity to accept donations via PayPal, we must be a registered non-profit organization. Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge or time to do that this year (I’m a med student, remember?). If you still want to make a monetary contribution but don’t want to spend a lot on an expensive item, there are several small creations listed in the store. Also, the keychain gift for donors of $60 is now for sale.

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04 Nov

More creations added

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More creations are added to our store. Don’t forget that anyone can donate a creation!

More creations for sale

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03 Nov

Helping a child with cancer

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A friend from Flickr shared with me the story of Justin, a 7 year old boy who has been fighting Neuroblastoma since 2006. Justin loves Lego, and even though he has lost vision in one eye due to the tumor, Justin’s mom says he “only needs one eye to build.” Justin is currently undergoing another round of chemotherapy, and to help him get through, I have sent some Lego to Justin on behalf of Creations for Charity. To hear more of Justin’s story, visit CaringBridge.org. If you’d like to send him something as well, you can read more on FBTB.

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