29 Nov

Less than 2 days remaining!

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Less than 2 days remaining, we’re close to our all time record of $9,035!

Over $8,000

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23 Nov

Last chance to buy from Creations for Charity!

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As you’re doing your holiday shopping, please think about buying something from Creations for Charity to help the kids. There is only 1 week left in this year’s fundraiser and all the items from the store are reduced to minimum price. Over $6,000 have been raised so far. If for some reason you’ve been holding out on buying a creation, now’s the time to act!

1 week left!

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19 Nov

Over $6,000 and less than 2 weeks left!

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Less than 2 week left in Creations for Charity and we still have over 100 items for sale totaling in value of another $6,000! If we only sell half of that we would reach a new record. The builders have certainly outplayed their part this year. For as little as less than $10 you can purchase a creation!

Over $6,000

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09 Nov

Over $5,000 raised and 100 items for currently for sale!

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Over $5,000

There’s 3 weeks left of the fundraiser, and there is an unprecedented number of custom Lego creations currently for sale thanks to the numerous donations that have been coming in from the fans. With $5,000 raised so far, there’s a good chance for achieving a new record this year. Take a look at our store (where you can commission a life-sized bust) or Indiegogo campaign.

Over 100 items currently for sale!

Don’t forget there’s still time to donate a creation!

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05 Nov

Over $4,000

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We’re in sight of setting a new record this year! If we raise $5,000 in November, then we will top our record of $9,000! We need your help on Indiegogo where you can get a CfC souvenir or a commission!

Over $4,000

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01 Nov

Almost $4,000 and 1 month left

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We have raised almost $4,000 so far and there’s still one month left in the fundraiser. Take a look at some of the latest creations added to the store:

Hans Dendauw‘s Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland strikes a fearsome pose, but deep inside it just wants a loving new home.

This stagecoach and chariot by our fellow blogger Matija are detailed and visually appealing for their small size. You can see them featured in these two little scenes.

Due to popular demand, Paul Janowski and Republic Customs has contributed another set of chrome Iron Man and Silver Surfer in addition to new Steel and Colossus minifigs.

Chrome Super Heros

Lastly, Sean and Steph Mayo once again astounds me with their creative parts use in another brilliant microscale scene.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, head over to our campaign on Indiegogo to get a commissioned creation or pick up a limited edition gift. If you’re not familiar with Indiegogo, it’s a crowd funding platform similar to Kickstarter but encompasses charities. Your help is much needed and appreciated!

Creations for Charity commission

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