25 Dec

Merry Christmas from Creations for Charity 2013!

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The 5th annual Creations for Charity ended with over $20,000 worth of Lego sets donated to children in 6 cities across 3 countries. This year with the first time help of The LEGO Group and Bricklink, we far exceeded the amount of Lego we’ve ever donated in a single year. We sold over 100 custom creations and raised $8,600, and as usual our distribution coordinators found great deals and purchased as much Lego as possible with the money raised.

Merry Christmas from Creations for Charity 2013!

Creations for Charity continues to embody the Lego community’s talent and spirit of giving back. The simple idea of builders selling their creations to raise money to buy Lego sets for underprivileged children has really taken off. As a builder, you experience the satisfaction knowing that someone will cherish and display the creation you assembled brick-by-brick. As a buyer, you felt the thrill of opening the package and setting that one-of-a-kind creation on your shelf. But most importantly, the kids are the ones who benefit the most – receiving a brand new Lego set that is likely their first one. Just the thought of the countless hours of play that these sets will bring is more than enough to brighten my holidays.

Apart from the big picture, Creations for Charity is full of small stories. I can only imagine the selfless act of a 5 year old boy who gave all of his birthday presents to us to give to those who are less fortunate. I can only imagine the bittersweet feeling of a parent giving their kids their favorite Lego sets for Christmas when their home was destroyed by a fire. I can only imagine the warmth in the hearts of those who sat down with kids in an orphanage to build a new Lego set together. Of those stories we know, many more will never be told to us, but they are out there and they exist because of what we did.

The future is bright for Creations for Charity. I am always happy to welcome new participants and volunteers and to see our donations grow. The efforts of so many people involved give me inspiration and joy, a gift I look forward to receiving each year. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community.

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25 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 – Colorado Springs

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First I’d like to say a hearty THANK YOU to LEGO, Bricklink and everyone who donated or purchased items for this years fundraiser to make it such an enormous success! Without the kindness of the Lego fan community this fund raiser would not be possible.

This is the 3rd year I have participated in the Creations for Charity fundraiser, but the 1st year I was personally affected and understood exactly how much this fund raiser really means to the people who receive these toys. My best friend of 20 years lost 100% of their homes, belongings and cars in a house fire back in August. Since then many members of the Lego community donated loose bricks and sets and Creations for Charity set aside some funds which I was able to use to repurchase each of the 4 Bogner children their favorite LEGO set. These donations have meant the world to these children who literally lost everything except the clothes they were sleeping in. I still smile when I think of how happy the kids were when they received the donations and the subsequent hours they have spent building castles, trucks and Zanadu sized houses.

In addition to the loss experienced by my friend Colorado has experienced 2 major natural disasters in the last 6 months, one of which made international news. The loss of homes from the Black Forest fire and 200 square mile flooding  in Northern Colorado was close to 2,000 homes with another 19,000 seriously damaged. Because of this enormous loss our local Toys for Tots has had more requests for toys this year than the last 5 years combined.

This being my first year as a distributor I was not sure what to expect. I found that I had a lot of fun purchasing the sets and really enjoyed talking to people about the charity when I was asked why I was buying so much Lego.

In total I was able to purchase 132 sets with my allocated funds and the Toys for Tots volunteers were all smiles when I dropped them off. They said that Lego is the most requested and wished for toy consistently every year, no matter what the age range.

So again, thank you to everyone and my fellow coordinators for making this year such a success and giving back to those in their time of need.

I would also like to specifically thank the following people and companies whose generous donation of their time, resources, building bricks and accessories helped me make this years thank you gifts possible:

Chris McVeigh, Tyler Clites, Nannan Zhang, Brick Forge, Print-A-Brick, Chrome Block City, Andrew’s e-bricks, Queen Creek Bricks and Alex Taylor Collectibles


Have a safe holiday, a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

– Kristi

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25 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 – Chicago Area Distribution

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This is my third year of participating as the Chicago-area representative for Creations for Charity, and I have to tell you – this is one of my most favorite parts of the year! I love seeing the LEGO community come together to help those who are less fortunate. This year, thanks to the support of BrickLink and LEGO, we were able to have our best year yet! I was one of the locations chosen for the LEGO donation to Creations for Charity, and it was amazing how much they sent – almost $6,000 worth of LEGO products covering themes from The Lord of the Rings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninjago, Technic, and more! Just look at all the LEGO products they sent – it was hard to fit it all into one frame!


One of my most favorite parts of this organization, is actually in dropping off the LEGO products at the Toys for Tots dropoff point, as I nearly always get to hear about some of the families who will be getting some of our LEGO products! This year, I learned that there was a large Autistic society that had put in a large request for Star Wars LEGO sets, and that Toys for Tots was thrilled that they had a LOT of Star Wars sets to distribute to them! They were also very excited, as they usually have less amounts of toys for older children, and LEGO sets work perfectly for the older kids! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be part of such a kind-hearted community, and how honored I am to be a part of this charity. Thank you all for your generosity – none of this would be possible – thank you all for being so AWESOME!!!!


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24 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 Dallas

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Dear Reader,

This year’s CfC is a success and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support. I would like to thank everyone for their donations and purchases. Your contributions reflect the generosity of the LEGO community and have brought forth the message of love and caring for this holiday season. This is my 3rd year serving as the Dallas distributor and as always, it has been a privilege to donate these toys. By now many people will have a small memento of this year’s drive in their home and many more children will have a LEGO set for Christmas.


Over 200 sets here ready to be delivered to Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Legacy, Southlake. I want to give a special shout out to Samuel, who is the most generous 5 year old ever! Instead of keeping any LEGO for himself on his birthday, he decided to donate all of them to us (see photo below). Thank you so much Samuel for your generosity!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all!
Warm Regards,

P.S. To my fellow coordinators: Nannan, Matija, Don, Josh, Kristi, and Simon great job on your hard work!




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24 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 in Croatia

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Hello again from Croatia! This is our second year donating the sets in Zagreb, Croatia, my home city. I have been participating in C4C for forth year now, and my second year as one of the coordinators. First of all I would like to thank Nannan for starting this a few years back. This year was a huge success in my opinion, not only we have raised over 8500 USD, but we even got sponsors – LEGO, Bricklink, and here in Croatia – Prodis llc – LEGO distributor for Croatia and Slovenia. They gave us a 12% discount on the wholesale prices, which allowed us to purchase around $150 worth of sets more.

We bought around 80 sets (still have to sort out the bills), large part of it Duplo as we planned to donate to younger kids this year. My mom and me contributed a bit more and bought meters of wrapping paper and spent a couple of hours packing (picture below).


This allowed me to purchase sets for two causes this year. Most of the sets were donated to home for abandoned children “Dom za djecu Nazorova” in Zagreb. Home accommodates around 50 kids up t age of 7 – when they start elementary school, they are transferred elsewhere. We had a scheduled appointment at 4 PM this Sunday, and besides just leaving the sets in the home, I joined with volunteers (picture below) from Dora (largest children’s humanitarian organization in Croatia). Together we spent whole 3 hours playing with kids, and helping them assemble their LEGO sets. Kids were thrilled with the gifts, and enjoyed their time playing with us. It was a heartwarming and pleasant afternoon, though I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad for the kids. They are all so communicative, and can’t wait to have someone to talk to, or to sit in someone’s lap, even if it’s just someone they just met. They have pretty good care in the home, but of course  it still isn’t the same as having parents so they still lack some contact and human warmth. This was also the first time someone donated such a large amount of high quality toys – usually they get used toys, and almost never LEGO, as it’s considered somewhat of a luxury here because recession hit really hard in Croatia.


Yesterday morning we went to Dora Humanitarian Organization and met there with a couple of poor families with lots of kids (some have even 17 :/). Altogether there were only 9 kids, so we got them each a gift, and the rest of the sets we donated to Dora to distribute among some other families who couldn’t be there in this busy pre-Christmas period.


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23 Dec

Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada

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This year Creations for Charity went north! Not all the way to Santa, but it felt like it for many kids.  I had donated and purchased things in the past and I was I ecstatic to be asked the coordinate this wonderful charity into my home country of Canada. In Canada LEGO isn’t nearly as cheap as US, it’s not as expensive as other parts of the world, but it’s definitely a high end toy, so I knew that the toys donated would be that much more special here in Canada.

With all the money raised from the sale of creations, and to occasional chats, we raised a phenomenal amount. But even before money started rolling in, I knew I had to start making the most of whatever deals and hook ups I could get – as LEGO isn’t always cheap up here. Calling in some favours Adam M smuggled me a trunk full of LEGO form the states and basically gave it to me for next to nothing. I also had some helpers from my friends at ToroLUG who were all on the lookout for deals! By November I was feeling pretty good with 4-5 banker boxes of sets averaging below 50% retail.

But the like the proverbial Christmas miracle , LEGO generously donated about 20 boxes of LEGO. Getting the LEGO from FedEx was a story all by itself.

In the end the the combined C4C purchased sets and the LEGO donations was a jaw dropping 220 sets!

Creations for Charity in Canada Eh!

But who to donate to? This was all new to me, we have several toy drives in Toronto, some run through the city, massive children’s hospital, fire/police departments, news/radio stations – part of me liked the idea of getting some free press for AFOLs.. but a lot of these drives are pretty well known and supported. For C4C’s first foray into Canada I really wanted to make a big impact and I looked for a under served recipient which really needed help.

After asking around we settled on Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital – it’s the largest children’s rehabilitation hospital in Canada. What’s a rehabilitation hospital you ask? Well it’s a hospital that specializes in dealing kids / youth with disabilities and conditions. Ranging from things that children were born with or those that suffered a traumatic injury.

What really broke my heart was hearing how ‘regular’ families have their world turned upside down after a traumatic injury – kids that used to have full lives now have to deal with new realities. Where they’re not even worried about what toys they might be getting, they’re just trying to get back to some semblance of normality. And what really made me stop and think is what if they have siblings? While the parents are focusing all their energy (and money) helping one, the other(s) are inevitably left out.

So it was an easy choice. It’s an easy way to make their lives slightly better, but giving some wicked LEGO sets to them.

But there’s more.
They had already identified roughly how much they needed to help the families, plus some buffer to hold over for ’emergencies’ … we had a lot left, thanks to buyers like you and good folks at LEGO.

We had SO much left over, we decided to go around the corner, to Sunnybrook Hospital – Canada’s largest Maternity Hospital. What’s that you ask? it’s when there are newborns might have complications, or early births etc, they aren’t necessarily as developed, and this could lead to problems later on in life. And you know what’s a great way to develop fine motor skills and get a leg up in life? Yup. LEGO.

The neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) has a long term program to make sure children get the help they need, including disadvantaged families, and much like every year they are of course looking for help stuffing trees with presents, so we were happy to oblige.

So thank ALL the people that donated, and purchased MOCs – without you all none of this is possible


19 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 donations in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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What a thrill to be involved again this year with C4C! As always, I am so excited with the response. Our goal has always been to supply the toy we love to kids who couldn’t otherwise afford them. They teach us so much about art, design, mathematics, and problem solving. They have been invaluable to us, and we strive each holiday season to pay that forward. Nannan has really taken the lead on this and yet again, we have been able to supply Lego to so many deserving children – too many to count. It is our way of paying it forward in the holiday season.

With the help of innumerable volunteers and people who donate their time, money, and passion for the hobby, we have put together a fantastic supply for Toys for Tots. Here in Grand Rapids, they are always so excited to see how much we have for them. When the faces of the adults working with T4T light up at the sight of all the boxes of Lego, you can only imagine what the faces of the kids will look like when they get them in their hands.

Also this year, for the first of what we hope will be many times to come, we received the assistance of The Lego Group itself, which donated boxes of Lego to be distributed at our various locations. You can read more about that in the posts of the other Distribution Coordinators.

Thanks so much to everyone who puts this event in place and makes it work. It is worth every second, every penny, every brick.

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01 Dec

Creations for Charity 2013 – $8,600 raised

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Thanks to the generosity of the Lego community, we have raised $8,600 for this year’s Creations for Charity. Here is a list of the items sold this year. Please come back for photos of the donations to be posted before Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

Creations for Charity 2013 - $8,600 raised

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