27 Dec

Creations for Charity 2014 – Grand Rapids, MI

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As long as I can remember, LEGO has been a part of my life. I bought my first set from a local, small town, five and dime shop in 1984, and my life was changed forever. I had no idea what I was learning while I played, no idea what LEGO was teaching me through the fun I was having. All of those things, math, engineering, design, color theory, construction fundamentals, creativity, and resource frugality.
A few when years ago, when we started C4C, we knew that children could be exposed to all of these things, through LEGO, if we were willing to make it happen. This year, we continue what has become my family’s favorite holiday tradition, and are putting over $10,000 worth of LEGO into the hands of children who could normally not afford it. What a pleasure it was to be part of C4C again, in this record-breaking year. I am so thrilled with everyone’s willingness to contribute, and so proud of everyone involved. It warms my heart to know that the online community shares our dream.

When we started out earlier this year, I was feeling a sort of disconnect form what was going on. Normally, I will donate some of my builds to be included in the sale, but this year, I didn’t have any to donate. That left me feeling out of it in regards to the sale getting underway. However, I was put me in touch with more people than ever who were asking about C4C and what we do, how we got started, and why we do it. I was so humbled at the multiple opportunities to share this great charity with the people in my community and across the web.

For my 40th Birthday, we threw a party and asked the guests to bring LEGO for C4C in lieu of gifts for me. What a generous group of friends I have.

I challenge everyone involved, whether a seller, those who donated, administrator, or purchaser, to share the success of this year’s fundraiser, and to share next year when the time comes. We can continue to change lives.

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24 Dec

Creations for Charity 2014 Budapest donation

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Merry Christmas and thanks from Budapest! We would like to transmit happy reactions from more than 100 orphaned children’s on receiving their new LEGO sets.

This is our first time being part of Creations for Charity. We were planning to do a charity project this year because our work and passion is to bring happiness with LEGO to children’s lives. Unfortunately it is very hard to organize a gathering in Hungary. When CfC wrote us back we couldn’t believe our eyes. This is the best Christmas project we’ve ever heard. Is there anything better in the children’s Christmas than getting LEGO for presents?

We are a LEGO store in Budapest called Kockashop, so it was easy to purchase the sets in a fortunate price! We purchased with CfC’s help more than 60 sets!

I decided to distribute the sets between three Children’s orphanages located in the Pilis Mountains in Hungary. We transferred the sets with the help of my friends in the Csepp a Tengerben organization who are also working for children. We were all very excited. These were maybe their first LEGO sets in their lives! We visited poor families too and gave them Duplo sets because in the orphanages the children were from 7 to 19 years old. So we helped young poor mothers to put Duplo under the Christmas tree.


When the children got their LEGO presents they got so excited that they began to organize thematic Lego afternoons. The first was watching the Hobbit movie and playing with the Hobbit sets.

I’m sure they will never forget this Christmas, and we will never forget your help!


So thank you dear builders and everybody who donated or purchased LEGO items! You made Hungarian children’s Christmas more joyful! Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to do this!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hungary!


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24 Dec

Creations for Charity 2014 Dallas donation

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We kept our donations in Dallas simple this year and donated 200 speedorz sets that we received directly from LEGO. Since our usual Dallas distributor isn’t around this year, I brought the sets to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. We made the donation on the same day that Fairy Bricks also brought in their Lego donations for the hospital, and together we wheeled in two wagons stacked full of Lego goodies.

Having worked in this hospital this year during my pediatrics clerkship, I know that it’s the busiest children’s hospital in the metroplex. We were told that the hospital is out of Lego sets, so it was perfect that we helped them restock for the holidays. We spent the morning helping kids build with Lego in the playrooms, and it’s great to see their smiles as they take their minds off what’s keeping them in the hospital.

I’d like to thank LEGO again for supplying us with sets to donate this year. They sent us 600 speedorz, so keep an eye out for them in our other donation posts!



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22 Dec

Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada

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Another year and another amazing haul for Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada EH!

Creations for Charity - Toronto, Canada

To be honest, I was a bit scared this year, last year was epic – thanks to a generous donations by LEGO (this year other cities got LEGO’s donation) I was afraid this year we wouldn’t have as nearly a big haul, with the low Canadian dollar, and the much feared Canadian LEGO shortage I was a bit worried.

But I put out the call to my LUG buddies and they answered in spades! They searched out for deals, pulled in favours, and out right gave me sets – this year’s haul is an extension of all the fantastic work the greater AFOL community does for creations for charity – coming together and helping deserving children in this time of year.
So special shout out to: Eric, Graeme, John, Mike, and Nick for helping round up sets for the donation.

So last year we donated to two local Toronto Hospitals, this year we thought we would spread the love a bit and chose: Red Door Shelter, a family shelter that provides shelter and resources for families facing a variety of difficulties.

As always it’s a fun logistical adventure getting the donations ready. Even just purchasing the sets (~40%) it ate up pretty much all my car space:
Shopping for Creations for Charity!

So it’s always a good sign of a good year for Creations for Charity, that I had to go up and visit Mom for her SUV so that I can transport the donation all in one go:
C4C sleigh locked and Loaded!

Fun facts!
In the end C4C:Toronto had;
100 Sets (yes, 😀 – I had to pull some sets from the safety deposit bedroom at Parent’s Bank of Simon)
$3,843.13 Total retail cost (with tax!)
$1,250.00 C4C Funds used (yup!)
67.5% Savings! (awwww yeah)

So thank ALL the people that donated, and purchased MOCs – without you all none of this is possible. You are the true heroes!

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01 Dec

Over $10,000 raised

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The 2014 Creations for Charity fundraiser is over, and we set a new record by raising over $10,000. The final amount will be posted once we have calculated donations from the live stream. Thank you everyone for your participation and stay tuned for photos of our donations. Take a look at all the creations we sold.
Over $10,000 raised

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