03 Apr

Donations form now fixed

Posted on 04/03/11 by Nannan

If you experienced an error message while using the donations form, it should be fixed now. You can also submit a picture of your donation by attaching a file from your computer to the form. Don’t forget that the Bricks Helping Japan fundraiser is still going on. There are some great auctions on eBay ending soon including the massive Phenix.


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  1. PeteCorp says:

    Oh, oops, could you include a link to my flickr? I think the image I uploaded does not show the whole figure so people might not know what they are bidding on.




    1. Stefan Reiling says:

      Hi Creations for Charity Team,

      please give me a feedback if you would sell my handmade USB Drive Minifig on ebay for helping Japan.
      If not i have to do that by my own. Till now you didn´t list my donation on ebay and i didn´t received an email.
      So please give me a sign i think the help for Japan can´t wait.