22 Dec

Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada

Posted on 12/22/14 by Simon Liu

Another year and another amazing haul for Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada EH!

Creations for Charity - Toronto, Canada

To be honest, I was a bit scared this year, last year was epic – thanks to a generous donations by LEGO (this year other cities got LEGO’s donation) I was afraid this year we wouldn’t have as nearly a big haul, with the low Canadian dollar, and the much feared Canadian LEGO shortage I was a bit worried.

But I put out the call to my LUG buddies and they answered in spades! They searched out for deals, pulled in favours, and out right gave me sets – this year’s haul is an extension of all the fantastic work the greater AFOL community does for creations for charity – coming together and helping deserving children in this time of year.
So special shout out to: Eric, Graeme, John, Mike, and Nick for helping round up sets for the donation.

So last year we donated to two local Toronto Hospitals, this year we thought we would spread the love a bit and chose: Red Door Shelter, a family shelter that provides shelter and resources for families facing a variety of difficulties.

As always it’s a fun logistical adventure getting the donations ready. Even just purchasing the sets (~40%) it ate up pretty much all my car space:
Shopping for Creations for Charity!

So it’s always a good sign of a good year for Creations for Charity, that I had to go up and visit Mom for her SUV so that I can transport the donation all in one go:
C4C sleigh locked and Loaded!

Fun facts!
In the end C4C:Toronto had;
100 Sets (yes, 😀 – I had to pull some sets from the safety deposit bedroom at Parent’s Bank of Simon)
$3,843.13 Total retail cost (with tax!)
$1,250.00 C4C Funds used (yup!)
67.5% Savings! (awwww yeah)

So thank ALL the people that donated, and purchased MOCs – without you all none of this is possible. You are the true heroes!

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