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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I buy a creation?
You can buy a creation from October 15 – November 30 each year at our Bricklink store.

When and where can I donate a creation?
You can donate a creation from October 1 – November 15 of each year. Doing so is simple, just fill out a donation form.

How do I buy a creation?
You can buy a creation after you have registered for an account on Bricklink. When you place an order, you will receive an invoice within 48 hours, where you can then pay by PayPal.

The prices seem high, why?
These are the original and one-of-a-kind LEGO creations by fan builders, several of whom are among the best at what they build. All creations are custom designed from the builder’s imagination, which doesn’t come in a snap. A medium sized creation usually takes hours or even days, and the LEGO bricks aren’t cheap either. The money is going towards making the holidays better for the children, what could top that?

Are there discounts?
Creations may be gradually discounted as time goes by, but each one is gone for good once someone buys it.

Where is my order?
When your order is marked as “packed,” it means that we have notified the creator to ship out the package. The order will remain in this status until you have received the package. Please keep in mind our donors are builders and not professional sellers, so they may need some time to pack and ship the creation. If you would like to inquire about the status of the package, send us a message with your order number and we will reach out to the builder and get back to you.

Can I get the builder to autograph the model?
Sure, just add a comment letting us know that in the comments section when you place your order.

Where are the models shipped from?
Creations will be shipped from their respective builders whose name and country is indicated in each item’s description.

Do I need to rebuild the models?
Models may require some reassembly but this should be manageable if you have built with LEGO before.

Will I get reimbursed if I donate a model to sell?
We give everyone the option to get reimbursed for the cost of making the creation (ex. cost of the Lego bricks) plus the cost of shipping the model to the buyer. We send out reimbursements through PayPal in early December after the fundraiser ends.

Can I make a monetary donation?
Yes! You can also make a direct donation to us with the PayPal Giving Fund.

Are you a 501(c) nonprofit organization?
Yes! Our Employer ID Number is 81-3162510. This means that contributions from our US donors are tax-deductible.

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